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A1 Bleachers Inc.
Thank you for visiting A1 Bleachers Inc. For over 30 years A1 Bleacher brokers and A1 Bleacher manufacturers have specialized in the design and development of Aluminum Bleachers and Grandstands.

A1 Bleachers offers a wide variety of Aluminum Bleachers, Grandstands and Press Boxes.
We offer an array of Aluminum Bleachers and Grandstands ranging from 3 rows to 40 rows, for Elevated Bleachers as well as Non Elevated Bleachers.  When purchasing Aluminum Bleachers please be certain that what you are purchasing exactly meets your needs.  A1 Bleachers will give you one on one personalized attention to make sure that this is achieved.  A1 Bleachers will work with you in the design and development of an Aluminum Bleacher or Grandstand system that will meet the any budget concerns without compromising SAFTEY.  Our process will give you piece of mind for years to come.
For decades A1 Bleachers Inc. has assisted thousands in choosing the correct type of Aluminum Bleachers and Grandstands.  Our personalized bleacher company is committed to quality, excellence and service at a competitive price. 


  • Aluminum Bleachers and Grandstands that conform to current building codes
  • Stamped Engineered drawings available for Aluminum Bleachers, Grandstands and Press Box projects
  • Aluminum Bleachers that are capable of expanding to accommodate future growth
  • Double Mill Foot Planks and Riser Planks
  • Typical or Custom designed Angle Frame Bleachers, Grandstands and Press Boxes
  • Tilt N Roll, Transportable and Portable Aluminum Bleachers
  • Aluminum Picnic Tables and Aluminum Team Benches
  • Handicap seating with ADA Access available on all Aluminum Bleachers, Grandstands and Press Boxes
  • Custom Colors available on all Aluminum Bleachers, Press Boxes and Grandstands




Bleachers provide “tiered” or “stepped” seating surfaces and are available in a variety of configurations. Typical bleacher sections consist of from 2 to 15 rows with row lengths ranging from 7.5 feet to 30 feet for small popular models. Planks may be spliced together to form longer systems in most any length and therefore the seating capacity of bleachers can range from 10-10,000 people.

Common Bleacher Terminology:

Non-Elevated Bleacher: a non-elevated bleacher sets at ground level and is the most frequently purchased bleacher type. Typically configured in 3 to 15 rows with row lengths ranging from 7.5’ to almost any length, this type of bleacher has a first seat row height of 17 inches (16 inches for 3-Row models) and an 8 inch rise per row. Typical non-elevated bleachers are configured with 10 inch wide seats and a choice of one or two 10 inch wide foot planks (with riser planks under seats to close up gaps) Aisles and guardrails are available on most models. Non-elevated bleachers are also available in both transportable and low rise configurations. (See below)

Elevated Bleachers: An elevated bleacher is basically a bleacher that sets on a framework such that the entire bleacher is raised above the ground, typically 30” – 48”. The height of the first seat will typically be 47” to 65” above ground level. Elevated bleachers are idea for football games and similar events where it is desirable for fans to be able to see over people and/ or other obstacles. Elevated bleachers include features which are similar to non-elevated bleachers but elevated bleachers often also include front walkways, accessible ramps, stairs, wheelchair areas, and press boxes.

Low-Rise Bleachers: (non-elevated), Low rise bleachers are almost always your lowest cost choice. The significance of low rise bleacher is that their unique features provide safety according to most codes, yet do not necessitate expensive guardrailing, risers, aisles, and handrails. A typical 3 or 4 row low rise bleacher has an overall height of less than 30”. Also this style of bleacher has a wider seat plank. (12” instead of 10”). A lower rise per row (6” instead of 8”) and finally, a lower first row seat height (12” instead of 17”). It is important to note that some taller adults may find that a low rise bleacher is less comfortable than a typical non elevated bleacher due to the lower vertical rise.

Tip N Roll Bleachers: (non elevated) This type of bleacher is typically used indoors and can be “tipped up” 90 degrees onto a set of casters and easily rolled on a floor to a new location. Tip N Roll bleachers are typically 2 or 3 row in order that they may fit through standard width doorways. In the “USE position”, Tip N Roll bleachers typically rest on rubber foot pads which provide protection for the floor. Seating capacity for a single Tip N Roll unit ranges from 10 to 48 people.

Transportable Bleachers: As the name indicates, any bleacher in this category was designed to be moved from one area to another. Transportable bleachers are intended for movement on your grounds (not over public roads). Some manufacturers speak of “portable bleachers” suggesting to the layman that the bleacher can be moved if need be. In most cases, these “portable bleachers” are not adequately braced to survive frequent movement. On the other hand, transportable bleachers incorporate additional bracing and “lifting braces” to facilitate relocating the bleacher without damage. A single “Transport Kit” (wheels, towing tongue, and jack) can be used to move multiple bleachers. Transportable bleachers typically consist of 5 to 10 rows with lengths ranging from 15 to 24 feet. Each section can seat from 50 to 160 spectators.